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Prof. Tim Nyerges at the University of Washington offers perhaps the only college course focused on Coastal Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 462/562). The course focuses on the Puget Sound region and makes use of a coastal data model to study the interaction of the terrestrial and marine environments of coastal areas. The last GIS lab assignment and final project for the course offered in the Autumn 2010 quarter addressed the flow of contaminants over land and through water. A scenario was set up where a gasoline tanker truck has an accident. The resulting spill is analyzed as it passes over land, through streams, and into Puget Sound. The lecture notes and lab exercises will be interesting to advanced GIS users.

Prof. Dawn Wright at Oregon State University is one of the leading international experts on coastal and marine GIS. Her Geographic Information Systems and Science course (GEO 465/565) combines an overview of the general principles of GIS with a theoretical treatment of the nature and analytical use of spatial information. The most recent offering in the Winter 2011 quarter provides links to annotated bibliographies on diverse topics completed by students. Two students completed a more challenging project developing original mapping mashups for “The Columbia River Basin” and “Oregon Dive Conditions“. The lecture presentations/notes and lab exercises are useful resources. “Deepsea Dawn” also maintains “Davy Jones’ Locker” – a comprehensive compilation of GIS links, and actively shares her discoveries on Twitter.


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