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The Texas Coastal Watershed Program (TCWP) affiliated with Texas Sea Grant recently utilized interactive whiteboard technology to allow coastal residents and local officials to explore the impacts of different development scenarios on community resilience and natural resources under varying climate change scenarios. The interactive whiteboard was cheaply set up using a Wii remote, a light pen, a projector, a tripod, and white butcher block paper.  Projecting onto a flat surface allows participants to carry on conversations and interact with the map.  This changes the social dynamic associated with a formal presentation into a participatory mapping experience focused on exploration and discussion of impacts.  The project linked GIS data from the Texas Coastal Community Planning Atlas (http://coastalatlas.tamug.edu/) with the CommunityViz planning support software (http://www.communityviz.com/) to create a Coastal Community Health and Resource Management (CHARM) model.

More information about the interactive whiteboard technology – coined the We-Table – and the Coastal CHARM workshop held in Galveston are available through the TCWP YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/TXCWatershedProgram?).  For more information about the project, contact John Jacob at Texas Sea Grant (jjacob@tamu.edu).


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