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A photo of Charles "Bud" Ehler

Charles Ehler

The July 13 post provided some great resources to learn about Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning. I want to point to one other resource: a webinar by Charles “Bud” Ehler, one of the world’s leading experts in marine spatial planning (and former Director, International Program Office, National Ocean Service, NOAA). The webinar was broadcast by the Florida Sea Grant Boating and Waterway Planning Program during his visit to the University of Florida in March 2011. One nice thing about the webinar is that, after his ~30 minute presentation titled “What is Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning?,” he answers numerous questions posed by the 60-70 people who attended.

During his presentation, he analyzed how marine spatial planning can assist with balancing the many uses and activities associated with our coastal and ocean resources. He also reviewed how marine spatial planning has been practiced successfully in other countries like Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, and Norway for over a decade. Ehler also examined the U.S. approach from an international perspective, and identified management challenges that will have to be overcome if marine spatial planning in the U.S. is to be effective, efficient, and equitable.

Watch the Webinar (Run time 55 min) (Note: You may be asked to open and run a Java file. Afterward, wait a moment and  playback will begin shortly.)


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The National Sea Grant Law Center has developed a short video titled “What is Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning?”  It provides a brief overview of the concepts behind CMSP for an unfamiliar audience.

A presentation that tracks the content of the video is also available as a pdf file at http://nsglc.olemiss.edu/Ecocystem.html

To Learn More About Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

National Ocean Council’s Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Website:

NOAA’s Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Website:

Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan:

UNESCO Marine Spatial Planning Initiative:

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