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Discover Channel Canada and the National Geographic Channel recently premiered an hour-long program featuring computer-generated imagery of the landscape that would be exposed if the Great Lakes were drained.  Drawing from a digital elevation model made from bathymetry and topography data, “Drain the Great Lakes” visualizes exposed natural features, including a recently discovered crater, a trans-lake ridge used by prehistoric man, and a waterfall that existed when lake levels were much lower.  The program also explores shipwrecks, the retreat of Niagara Falls and the impact of invasive mussels on the ecosystem of the lakes.  The CGI was created for Mallinson Sadler Productions by the British company 422 South by a team led by digital environmental artist Richard Fraser.  This video of Lake Huron, the Straits of Mackinac and shipwrecks including the Edmund Fitzgerald shows about 10% of the CGI footage used in the program and was created with Terragen made by Planetside Software.



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